New Release “One Night in Amsterdam – WKO Live at Concertgebouw” (Limited Edition)

  • This concert hall is a legend, a stroke of genius in terms of acoustics. Every year it lures the best orchestras in the world to Amsterdam. On July 16, 2014, the luminously sensual sound of the Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn under the baton of its music director Ruben Gazarian filled the Amsterdam Concertgebouw—with two works for string orchestra that celebrate the fascinating variety of sounds and power of expression that this complement of instruments is capable of producing.
  • Benjamin Britten succeeds in his Simple Symphony in a simple but witty way: He quotes and develops his own first attempts at composition, which had been sitting in his drawer for years. He assigns fanciful titles like “Playful Pizzicato” and “Sentimental Saraband” to the four movements, and he parades a whole catalog of tone colors of strings.
  • The Serenade op. 28, composed in 1880, is Peter I. Tchaikovsky’s loving homage to the great Mozart, who established the genre. “It is warmed by feeling and, as I hope, of real value,” the composer said about his work. Derived from the Italian adjective sereno, the genre promises a melodic language akin to a clear, bright sky (especially at night). It comes in handy for “One Night in Amsterdam – WKO Live at Concertgebouw.”
  • A fascinating document in sound, a precious and authentic acoustic snapshot enriching the multi-faceted discography of the WKO and Ruben Gazarian.

(A production of the WKO Heilbronn ©2015 // For sale only at the orchestra’s subscription concerts in Heilbronn or by order from

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