On Tour with Vesselina Kasarova

In November 2015, Ruben Gazarian conducted a concert series of the WKO Heilbronn and Vesselina Kasarova. The program with the star singer was presented within the subscription series in Heilbronn and also in Osnabrück, Braunschweig, Erlangen, and Ludwigsburg.

  • “Just as much Vesselina Kasarova charges her rendition of Vitellia’s recitative and aria from La clemenza di Tito with drama, conductor Ruben Gazarian charges his Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn with tension. There everything is concise and powerful, and the finale from Luigi Boccherini’s symphony ‘La Casa del Diavolo’ makes the spirits of hell dance in a really devilish manner.”
  • (Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung)
  • “The interpretation of two operatic overtures by Mozart and Rossini demonstrated in an impressive manner in what an appropriate, differentiated, and also perceptive manner this Swabian ensemble is capable of presenting works of distinguished composer of different eras. The vigorous Ruben Gazarian, who has been successfully leading his “Württembergers” as their artistic director through international concert halls since 2002, warrants it. (…) The musicians and their energetic conductor Gazarian with his wide repertory of gestures have understood to transmit the melancholic character (of Mozart’s G minor symphony) with its moments of resignation convincingly. (…) The subsequent Andante made a deep impression. Especially in the highly dramatic finale, the orchestra succeeded in making this, one of the most significant works of symphonic literature, accessible to the Erlangen audience through joy of play, intensity, expressiveness, and originality.”
  • (Erlanger Nachrichten)
  • “The instrumentalists from Württemberg, with their delicate blend of sounds and subtle dynamic shades, are Kasarova’s congenial partners. In Mozart’s Symphony no. 40 in G minor, conductor Ruben Gazarian juxtaposes to great effect the brusque eruptions of the finale with the Landler-like coziness in the trio of the minuet. Lots of applause.”
  • (Braunschweiger Zeitung)


20151127_Vesselina Kasarova_c_Suzanne Schwiertz

Copyright: Suzanne Schwiertz