The concert life picks up again

After the interruption of several months due to the Corona pandemic, the GCO Ingolstadt and its chief conductor Ruben Gazarian are back on stage: End of July-beginning of August 2020, the orchestra played three different programs at a total of six performances. Two of these programs were part of this year’s subscription series and – in order to meet all legal requirements – were performed with an abbreviated duration and without an intermission. Since the maximum permissible number of visitors is currently strictly regulated, repeats of the concerts were unavoidable. On all evenings, the audience responded with great enthusiasm and celebrated the soloists, the orchestra and its chief conductor frenetically. The repeat of one of the subscription programs in the special atmosphere of the beautifully situated Danube Stage (with bayan virtuoso Aydar Gaynullin & his band) on August 1st, ended with standing ovations lasting minutes.

Here are several photo impressions: